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Oct 8 '12 Newsletter from B.A.R.E. - upcoming shows.

Oct 8'12
I hope this newsletter finds everyone enjoying themselves…and for those of us that are Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving!

I am way behind in sending out a newsletter. There have been some problems with the web host we have been using and are looking at switching, so some of you got my last mail-out but most of you didn't. For those of you in the GTA area, I have a fairly vanilla booth at the Pickering Flea Market. I do have some implements under the table if you want to come by or if you are heading in the market's direction and there is something you want to see then let me know during the week and I will bring it.
At this point in time I think I might close that booth at the end of the month, sales haven't been great, I have shocked some of the people walking by with the booth and this is the lighter/sexy side of my line so that totally surprises me.

In Nov. I have 3 shows in 3 weekends. The first show is The Everything to do with Sex Show. Nov 2-4. Our booth is facing the front of the show, across from the food court. Booth 301/400. If you buy your tickets on line it is cheaper than buying them at the door.

After that show I have 3 days to race to drive to Calgary for the Taboo Show. Nov 8-11 and the following weekend Nov 16-18 is the Edmonton Taboo show . The Taboo shows often send some free tickets to the exhibitors. If you want a couple then please e-mail me with your name and address and if it is for Calgary or Edmonton shows and if/when I get the tickets I will send you a couple.

Well that is it for me, for now. I will wait till sometime in Dec before I talk about the Jan shows (which will be Vancouver and Halifax). you can e-mail me at

Take Care

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